Our Orlando Roof Repair Network Explained..


Our experienced network of residential and commercial roofing contractors serving Orlando Florida was hand built by Douglas Oliver and his devoted team throughout the twenty plus years of being dedicated and involved in the local roof repair business. His company has personally worked with countless contractors and has built a premier group of qualified roofers that make up “OUR NETWORK”. These are the professional roofing specialists that take pride in their work and take every job seriously. Earning their place within our select team by providing good, consistent quality workmanship and service every time. Our premier network is made up of many diverse individually owned & licensed roofing companies with well over 20,000 employed workers and leaders within the industry that are focused on building long term relationships with their customers. Combined, these Central Florida roofing experts bring in millions of dollars each and every year and have built their business on the foundation of providing quality workmanship that is delivered on time.

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Within our network, some of our contractors have the ability to bond in excess of twenty five million dollars. We are proud to have one of the largest roofing contractors in the US. Each network contractor is fully insured with both liability and workers compensation and hold current, valid roofing licenses through the State of Florida. The majority of them have a thorough screening process for employees and are members of Compliance Depot.  At DOUG OLIVER DEVELOPMENT, we have the capability and it is our philosophy to put our network roofers where the work is no matter how much or how far. We have the right roofer near you.

How It Works

Working TogetherWe initiate new relationships by connecting our licensed Orlando roofers with local business owners and home owners. You will find we have a lot of quality roof repair contractors within our network, however, by choice some companies may specialize in specific roofing systems, making them the wrong fit for certain types of roofs. For example, the roofing company serving the Orlando area that were hired to do the installation of the roof at the Orange County Solid Waste building, would not be a cost effective solution to install a shingle roof on a home; and a residential shingle roofing company would not be able to conduct large commercial roofing projects effectively.

There are different liability insurance requirements for commercial work and residential properties, thus affecting the owner’s bottom line COST, besides the fact that the scope of work isn’t anywhere near the same, neither are the skills and experience required to do that work. As an example, you probably wouldn’t be interested in hiring a roofing contractor in Orlando, Fl that specializes in shingles then have them try to install a metal roof. It simply doesn’t make sense. This is where we come in. Our business is changing the way quality contractors connect to owners and the way owners find their next roofer.

Building RelationshipsAlso, several times a year we host networking events, for our network roofers and owners, and all the movers
and shakers of Central Florida. (Ok, so the Networking Events might be what most owners know us for). The
important thing in all of this is that we are building relationships that build successful roof projects, for both
the owners and our select roofing companies.

Building Relationships With Our Roofing Customers

What We Will Never Do
We believe that in order to be successful at networking you need to be exceptional at building strong relationships not merely “links.” This is why our company doesn’t just gather business cards to collect dust on our desk tops. We also don’t make a habit of linking to others on social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn to merely create the illusion of a large following. We understand the internet is great networking tool, however, nothing beats kissing the babies and shaking hands of all your new and existing clients.

That is face time networking, and that is what DOUG OLIVER DEVELOPMENT is all about.
“Touch others, reach to the sky, and make a friend”
doug O

Our Orlando Network’s Roofing Credentials . . .


Think GreenFL State Certified Air Conditioning Contractor (4)
Owens Corning Master Shingle Applicator (5)
Certified Mold Remediation Contractor (4)
Florida State Certified Mechanical Contractor (3)
FL State Certified Electrical Contractor (2)
Florida State Certified Plumbing Contractor (2)
FL State Certified Roofing Contractor (37)
Florida State Certified General Contractor (11)
In-House Insurance Negotiating Team
Xactimate Certified Estimator (9)
Fire and Storm Restoration Teams (9)
Asbestos and Lead Removal (9)
Refurbishment Specialist (9)
Mold Remediation (6)
U.S. Service Disabled Veteran Owner Small Business (1)
Quality Assurance Managers & OSHA Certified Safety Managers
Greater Orlando Aviation Authority (GOAA) Minority Business Enterprise (M/WBE)