Orlando Green Roofs

Eco-Friendly Green Roofs Orlando

Energy Efficiency

Due to rising costs of energy, green roofing in Orlando Florida also known as garden roofing systems have also shown a rise in popularity. The added benefit of increased insulation that green roofs offer have shown a positive reduction in the overall consumption of energy required to keep building temperatures consistent.

How A Green Roof Reduces The Urban Heat Island Effect (UHI)

In hotter climates such as Florida, roofs are the number culprit for loss of cooling in a building. Recent publications from the National Research Council have revealed that garden roofs can in fact lower a buildings daily energy consumption required by an HVAC system exceeding 75%.  Plantings on horizontal and vertical planes are capable of cooling commercial buildings in the warmer months of summer through their daily cycle of evaporation and dew. Thus reducing what is known as the Urban Heat Island effect or (UHI). It is argued that the UHI effect causes abnormal patterns in our weather including higher summer temperatures and lack of precipitation.  Because of the natural ability plants have to absorb light reduces this effect that would be normally convert into heat energy.   To help stimulate a more Eco-Friendly environment, Florida is just one of many states that have chosen to assist local businesses in accomplishing this task.

Environmentally FriendlyCommercial Marketability

Logo PictureBecause of the many benefits offered by garden roofs, a building’s  marketability can be improved greatly. As a symbol of the green initiative, a green roof can attract potential buyers  by standing out among the competition.

Studies have shown that certain types of green roofs are capable of reducing outside noise by forty decibels. Even a 45 to 50 decibel reduction have been seen in more complicated garden roofs.

Extending The Lifespan of Roof Membrane Materials

One of the main causes of deterioration to a roof membrane is prolonged exposure to UV light. A green roof protects these membranes from the constant UV exposure and protects against extreme fluctuations in temperature extending the lifespan of these materials.

Improved Biodiversity

Green roofing systems are capable of sustaining a vast amount of plant life as well as invertebrates, including the many bird species that migrate throughout North America. Garden roofs act as a migratory short term habitat that aids in linking certain species together by preventing the normal fragmentation that occurs without their existence.

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