Elastomeric EPDM rubber roof coatings create a single layer (monolithic) of high performance protection. Absolutely zero seams!

Encapsulates the whole roof system even around HVAC units and other roof mounted fixtures.

Because of the superior elastic properties of commercial liquid rubber roofing material, changes in climate, structural shifting and the most extreme temperature fluctuations can not affect the performance or waterproofing properties of this commercial EPDM roofing material. With well over 1000% elasticity and ninety-five percent ability to recover you will have protection that is sure to last.

Large Commercial Building Liquid rubber roofing material will not start cracking or turn into a brittle covering. These roofing systems have an attractive price point, essentially one third of what it would cost for a traditional commercial roofing system to be replaced. Offering manufacturer warranties of ten and twenty years along with two years of workmanship warranty coverage make liquid rubber EPDM systems a top choice for both roofers and commercial building owners.