Whether you live in Orlando or anywhere in the Sunshine State, metal roofing is one of the most durable and energy efficient roofing systems.

Not only will a steel roof last for years to come, but they can be easily installed by Florida roofing specialists and have a superb curb appeal. Galvanized metal products and 5 V crimp for commercial use are available in an array of profiles, colors and sizes to compliment almost any type of building structure. With many attractive colors options, they are also low maintenance and look great for many decades. Although typically more expensive than traditional commercial roofing systems, metal roofing will pay for itself over the long haul and are a smart investment.


Most metal roofing comes in vertical panels that overlap at the edges and roofers they typically screw them into the roof decking and then seam them together. This raised vertical joining allows for water to drain directly away from the roof. This type of installation provides a water-tight roof that will not leak. The fastening procedure of these interlocking panels can be accomplished using 2 separate methods. One method is where the roofers use screws that are hidden from sight due to the over lapping of new panel being installed. A more inexpensive galvanized steel roof installation is to use visible screws. These visible screws are driven directly through the panel into the structural roof decking by the contractor. This method provides a different visual appeal and look of the metal roof. Despite which fastening method your commercial roofing company prefers, a standing seam metal roofing system will definitely have a sleek and pleasing appeal.


At Doug Oliver Development, we have local metal roofers near Orlando with years of experience specializing in commercial and residential metal roof installation. Trust us to put you in the hands of the most reputable tradesmen who know how to install metal roofing that will endure for many years to come!

A great advantage of custom standing seam metal roofing is that the contractors can custom fit it to your specific roof. Once the roof has been measured, the metal panels can be cut to the specific length of each roof in a factory or metal or tin shop. Then with the proper tools, the roofer cuts angles on the job site to ensure the proper fit of the new roof. Vertical standing seam metal roofing panels can also be customized and altered to provide a visual appeal that is uniquely different.

Due to the flexibility and the ability for local metal roofing contractors to customize them, standing seam roofs are an efficient and attractive alternative to almost any home or building. Metal roofing is a superior option for those looking to have their existing roof replaced. In certain parts of Florida it can be installed over existing shingles depending on your specific location. This is due to the fact some cities and counties may require the existing materials to be completely removed in order to inspect the roof decking and make sure there is not deteriorated wood that needs to be replaced prior to installation. Either way, steel roofing is not only durable and will last a lifetime, but is cost effective and will provide you the beauty and peace of mind for decades to come.