Doug Oliver Development is proud to connect owners with SPF foam roofing in Orlando Florida.

We have local roofers that specialize in installation of spray applied foam. Once installed, polyurethane foam roofing systems are durable and rigid enough to walk upon. Installation includes a generous 1.5″ polyurethane (closed-cell) waterproof barrier that seals and prevents the roof from leaking. As the only spray on insulated type roofing system, SPF Polyurethane spray foam has absolutely no visible seams. Commercial SPF roofing products bond and seal up all penetrations coming through the roof including any plumbing pipes or ventilation piping. This forms what is called a monolithic water tight seal encompassing every penetration on a roof. An advantage is that existing flat roofs can be built up and sloped in locations that are particularly susceptible to standing water to help prevent ponding while improving the overall drainage of the surface. Ultimately, the result is a roof with superior protection from leaks.


  • Creates a water tight and seamless covering over existing and new roof deckings.
  • Provides the highest insulative value for every inch applied.
  • No additional flashing required.100% adhesion. A light weight material providing durable performance.
  • Florida compliant for cool roofs and is a technology that is renewable.
  • Incentives and rebates available through Florida power. As much as .75 cents/sq. ft.
  • A maintenance expense that is tax deductible for commercial businesses.

More than any other exposed surface on a commercial building, a roof is constantly in contact with the suns damaging rays and takes abuse from water and rain. Because of this, choosing the best roofing system can pay off with the reduction in maintenance costs and energy savings. Selecting a SPF polyurethane foam roofing system is not only energy efficient, but is long-lasting and won’t ever deteriorate. A truly renewable roof system provided that the top coated layer is well maintained and has a lifespan matching the life of your commercial property.

Doug Oliver Development recommends having a roofing contractor re-coating your commercial roof after 5 years of the initial installation as part of a regular maintenance service. Once the first roof coating has been completed, it is recommended to be done every10 years thereafter in order to keep the roof protected like it was new. This maintenance schedule has proven to provide over 75 percent savings due to not needing to replace the roof in the future.