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Buildings that have applied commercial roof coatings in Orlando Florida benefit from its ability to reflect and block the heat that is directly absorbed through the roof into the conditioned space of the building.

Without these types of roof coating systems, building owners have no choice but to pay higher heating and cooling bills throughout the year due to the increased heat load on the HVAC system. In Central Florida, where most of the year it is hot, this can become an expense for businesses that drives their operating costs literally through the roof!

Businesses with galvanized metal roofs in particular are unfortunately exposed to longer days of high heat during summertime. This is why metal roof coatings have become increasingly more popular over the years in order to keep cooling costs reasonable. The fact is, most businesses operating in commercial buildings quickly realized the considerable benefits and savings in their overall heating and cooling costs (in some cases as high as 50%) post installation.

Roof Coating


Commercial roof coatings help building owners save because of its ability to reflect UV and heat which ultimately lowers the temperature of the roof up to sixty percent. Since metal roofs can reach temperatures upwards of 180 degrees, these membranes have huge savings benefits over time.

By having a professional roofing contractor that specializes in elastomeric roof coatings to encapsulate your standing seam metal roofing system will significantly reduce the amount of heat absorbed and is far more efficient than a roof that has not been glazed with a white reflective roof membrane. In turn, this will make the building a lot cooler and more energy efficient. Because the reflective glazing will prevent the heat from being transferred into the conditioned space of the building. Unlike black rubber roofing the savings in cooling costs are almost immediate. Many times, older commercial metal roofs need to be re-painted which is a great time and opportunity to take advantage of this type of application. Reflective roof coverings can last up to15 years before a roofing contractor will need to apply a new coat. Because these commercial roofing systems last for a long time and are cost effective, they are a valuable investment that provides excellent long-term ROI for most businesses.