RESIDENTIAL SOLAR PANELS – The original in its industry, solar panels have been around for years. They have carried a lot of negativity with them due the high cost, unpleasing appeal and oftentimes difficult to install from a logistical standpoint. With the evolution of solar shingles, the good new is they have come down in price over the years and are becoming more affordable.

RESIDENTIAL SOLAR SHINGLES – First introduced commercially in 2005, solar shingles are quickly evolving and becoming the top choice for home roofing. Made of photovoltaic cells, they offer a sleek low-profile making them blend in with the roof and tax subsidized making them even more appealing to home owners. Color options are also now available!

RESIDENTIAL SOLAR ROOF TILES – Using the same concept as their photovoltaic shingle counterpart, solar roof tiles are now available for those looking to save energy while seamlessly blending in with their concrete or clay tile roof!

Aside from the aesthetic benefits of solar tiles and shingles, the installation process is not as invasive as installing solar panels. Solar panels require roofers to use rather large bolts leading to the eventual roof leak. While solar shingles and tiles interlock together for quicker installation.

At Doug Oliver Development, our contractors are trained and experienced in all types of solar



By implementing and installing solar roofing panels, residential homeowners in Orlando Florida can literally eliminate their monthly electric costs and from the very first day, begin to save their hard earned money.

Thanks to their unique design, high efficiency residential solar panel systems not only blend into your existing roof really well, they continue to store energy for you day in and day out…which equals increased savings the longer you have them up on the roof!

With Doug Oliver Development, you will have the confidence and peace of mind in knowing that our licensed and specially trained Orlando roofing contractors will be able to professionally install every aspect of your new residential solar roofing system.

Pest assured, from the design phase, the permitting process, financing, to ensuring you qualify for the appropriate energy tax credits and rebates, you will be put in the hands of the industry’s best solar companies. Along with outstanding warranty protection you can be sure the investment in your solar roofing system will protected for years to come.